Course Offerings

Start Keelboat Sailing

A cost effective entry level learn-to-sail course. Get the feel of the wind in your sails, without a lot of written course material to study and no stressful exam.

Sailing as Healing

Combining the hands-on skills of the Start Keelboat Sailing for Women course, and activities designed to support participants in their journey to heal from the emotional turmoils their lives have brought to them.

Basic Cruising

The gold standard course for those who want to become serious sailors. It is also the prerequisite for the Intermediate Cruising course, which is the usual requirement for bareboat chartering.


Introduction to Navigation

A brief 1-day introduction to the fundamentals of using basic plotting and position determination methods using paper charts and hand tools.

Coastal Navigation

 Plan and safely navigate by day in Canadian coastal and inland local waters. This introductory course offers basic knowledge of navigation theory and is the initial course in a comprehensive set of courses offered by Sail Canada on vessel navigation.